The most effective folk remedies for potency

The modern man does not want and can not afford to spend time on rolling jars, making complex decoctions, finding the right plant in the field. Among the tips how to increase potency is simple and quite realizable. They are also, by a strange coincidence, the most effective. Below you will find recommendations for action that can be implemented right “here and now”. But if you want to raise your potency quickly, use

Improving the potency of folk remedies

In any case there are a dozen methods of traditional medicine that have been used for a long time. Sexual dysfunction is not an exception. Men are lucky: in this category there are very nice, delicious recipes. Don’t forget that even here there are contraindications. Before using new ways, learn as much as you can about them and read reviews.

Products that will help:

  • Pumpkin seeds – you can eat them in any form. Preferably, a little bit every day;
  • Honey and bee products are known for their ability to increase male potency. If you add walnuts, the effect will be even steeper and more delicious;
  • Speaking of nuts, they are especially useful for men; practically any kind. Peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios – every day 30 grams of assortment;
  • If you’re looking for ways to quickly increase potency at home – add spice. To increase libido, both men and girls are recommended to eat spicy, rich in flavor foods. Suitable are saffron, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom.
  • Sometimes strange things are advised to increase male strength. For example, baths with bay leaf or garlic – as much as 3 cloves a day. Even if this solves your erection problem, there will be a new problem with all the people around you. There are not many girls who get excited by specific aromas.

Herbs for potency

If you like to drink tea – add to it ginseng root or thyme. You can buy ready-made mixtures in tea shops, they are no worse than “cocktails” collected by hand. It is often advised to drink nettle tincture or to eat its seeds mixed with red wine. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? If alcohol is not suitable, and nettle seeds are already lying in front of you – you can crush a banana and mix it all. Buy a few different tea mixes or mix them yourself. You can find the base at the drugstore or health food store. The ideal set consists of mixed tea with ginseng, St. John’s wort, cinnamon, and thyme. 

How does baking soda affect

Sodium hydrogen carbonate, or simply kitchen soda – perhaps the most revered remedy among those who are fond of kitchen medicine. It treats absolutely any soreness: taken internally, added to baths, made a solution for gargling the throat and even injections. Soda alone will not help to increase the potency. But it is not in vain that it is attributed magical properties – if you take it regularly, the overall condition of the body really improves. Microbes die out, inflammations subside, and this will also have an effect on the sexual sphere.

If you read somewhere that local application of baking soda will help – don’t believe it. You’re better off buying medicine at