Shooting practice in CS GO

Shooting in CS is purely muscle memory multiplied by the reaction. Memory is easy to train, with the reaction it becomes a little more difficult with age. But it’s not so critical if you haven’t gotten to the professional level yet. We hold a mouse in a brush, which is controlled by the muscles located on the forearm. Do I have to say that to shoot well in Counter-Strike you need to be in an acceptable physical shape? By the way, professional organizations are well aware of this, so they have included in their players’ schedules trips to the gyms. You can also look more closely at this issue here

How to train the shooting?

So, to practice our motor skills, we need maps. The first irreplaceable card for the arrow is training_aim_csgo2. We look for it ourselves in the Workshop by name, after which it will be added to your library. The author has tried to do his best so that players could train a variety of skills. Here you can pump reflexes, check slides, and find the right mouse sensitivity to reach the extreme targets with ease.

At the sides of the card there are two control plates. First, choose any weapon you like to the right with the E key, then go to the left and adjust the map to suit yourself. In the “Training mode” section we are interested in Intensive Fast Aiming. Then we can choose the size of the target. Beginners better stop at 12R, if you are an experienced fighter, then bet 10 or less. Here you can also choose a color. Tar. Limit – the number of targets simultaneously on the scoreboard, after which the loss will be counted. If you close them too slowly, the game will stop.

Respawn time allows you to choose with what frequency the targets will appear on the scoreboard. One of the most important parameters. Our task is to choose the speed so that the hand during the shooting was tense and started to hurt. It is the pain in the muscles that indicates that they stretch and train. There’s no point in starting training if you’re going to shoot sluggishly with your legs on the table. Did you feel that you can easily close 300 targets without losing? Increase the speed of appearance to 0.4 or even 0.3, reduce the target radius, move away to another shelf, which will be harder to aim with.

Do your pens hurt? It’s not arthritis, it’s heating, which should be repeated every day before the games for at least 30 minutes. Such a thing will allow you to aim at the cards in the right direction, will lift the motor skills of your hands and make the mouse movements clearer, smoother and more accurate. In the second part of our guide we will share a couple more tips, go online to fight with live enemies, and also throw cards for training, thanks to which you will begin to raise your ranks, levels, win prizes in our tournament module and see the future.

Jumping in the CS GO

Jump, strafe and mouse to the right, push off the ground when you land and strafe and mouse to the left. To make it more comfortable, you can bind mwheelup +jump (scroll up) or bind mwheeldown +jump (scroll down). This is because bouncing off the floor at the moment of landing with the space key is not always real because of the human factor – we banally do not always have enough reaction and timing. If you spin the wheel, the chance to jump as you want increases.

It will not be possible to do such a thing on a regular server, because the administrators specifically limit such movement. But this does not mean that BHOP does not work there, it just looks more modest. If you pay attention to KZ-cards at least once every two days, then after a while you will start to feel confident in combat situations. You can learn more about the game here