Our mission

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) works to elect bold progressive candidates to federal office and to help those candidates and their campaigns save money, work smarter, and win more often.

We also advocate for bold leadership on the most important and pressing causes. Read about our recent issue campaigns, and sign up to join our fight.

How the PCCC will help candidates

In 2008, one first-time progressive candidate in a key congressional district went through four campaign managers before losing.

Another spent $47,000 to retain a media firm that never produced a single TV ad. Another spent $40,000 on field consultants – enough to pay 10 field staffers for two months, but which only bought a few hand-holding consultant calls. And others wasted thousands of dollars and weeks of staff time designing C-rate websites.

Every election cycle, inexperienced candidates who run on bold progressive ideas – candidates who political insiders predict “can’t win” – come within a few points of victory. But too many lose winnable races due to the mistakes and inefficiencies of their campaigns.

Who is getting the backs of these progressive candidates? Who is helping them run competent, efficient campaigns so they can win? Until now, nobody.

Progressive Majority provides support to progressives on the state level, but not federal. The DCCC helps some congressional candidates, but many progressives with a real chance to win don’t make the DCCC’s target list or make it way too late.

Even then, the DCCC’s strength is not modern, people-powered campaigning or connecting candidates to the broader progressive movement. And progressives running in open-seat primaries won’t get any help from the DCCC because the DCCC doesn’t prioritize progressive Democrats any higher than conservative Democrats.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is filling this void – providing needed infrastructure and strategic advice early to progressive candidates so they can run first-class campaigns and win. And when PCCC-endorsed candidates get elected by working hand-in-hand with the progressive movement, they’ll trust the political instincts of progressives and be sturdy allies as we work with them to pass a bold progressive agenda.