How important is the size of the street banner?

Since advertising banners occupy a considerable share of the advertising market, their printing becomes relevant for many commercial enterprises, which allows the public to demonstrate a new product or service, to inform about a discount or opening a new branch of the company. The fact that banners are noted for their effectiveness is beyond doubt, but the question then arises: what should be their optimal size, and in principle, does this factor play any role?

Small Banners

At this stage, it should be noted that large format printing at a low price will not give you the opportunity to complete a dimensional banner, which can be installed on the backbone. However, such a banner is quite suitable as a sign with the announcement of the opening of a new hairdresser, pharmacy, sushi bar directly on the facade of the building. Already here we can conclude that each banner size is intended for its own specific purpose. But let’s continue.

Large Banners

When printing oversized banners that are intended for installation on billboards by the road, you need to be aware that their main task is to catch your eye. Understand when the driver is driving, he will not peer at the roadside shield for a long time, he will only glance at him briefly and pass by. Therefore, the task of the advertiser is that at that very moment of the banner inspection, the driver’s perception will record information that you will back up with your radio advertisement, a metro leaflet, another poster at the bus stop, etc. In this case, the size of the canvas matters, as does the size of the image and text on it. Especially relevant today is large-format printing on a banner grid.

Banner Forms

If you might notice, some banners are made in the form of a horizontally located rectangle, while others, on the contrary, are made for vertical mounting. It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the forms is more effective, because it all depends on the design. If you are advertising seedlings, then the banner should be more vertical to show how tall the tree or plant will grow; if we are talking about advertising, for example, synthesizers, it would be more appropriate to place the banner in length, showing the full range of device keys.

But one thing is for sure: large format printing in advertising today does not lose its position of relevance, so it makes sense to use the services of sign company brooklyn. As for the sizes and shapes of banners, decisions should be made here depending on the place of use of the advertisement and what function it will carry.

Billboards – a universal tool for promotion

Billboards, billboards and other large-scale advertising media should be classified as outdoor products, so the production cycle requires the fulfillment of special requirements. In the design of the billboard, it is necessary to use only high-strength material and a high-quality method of printing on the canvas. Due to the scale it is necessary to pay special attention to image quality, the working panel should not contain any defects and other elements that provoke negative associations.

In addition, such large-scale structures require strict adherence to all existing rules, installation work is allowed only if there are relevant documents. Otherwise, penalties cannot be avoided until the complete elimination of such an advertising configuration. Therefore, choosing a company that will directly engage in the development of an advertising project, you should carefully study the range of services.

It is advisable that the agency has a full cycle, since the only way to hope is that the specialists will not only develop a creative idea, draw up a powerful advertising slogan, but will also help with the choice of a place for advertising in the shortest possible time and receive all permits.