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Why Is Voting Important?

Each year, member-based organizations meticulously prepare for critical elections that determine the fate of a variety of races and measures. At the heart of these contests are hard-working members casting ballots to decide who will hold key positions, and the policies that will affect them, personally.

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New Technology, Algorithms and the Rising of Private (Digital) Powers and new Challenges for Constitutional Law

New technologies have always challenged, if not disrupted, the social, economic legal and, to an extent, the ideological status quo. Such transformations impact constitutional law, as the State formulates its legal response to the new technologies being developed and applied by the market, as well as in consideration of its own use of the technologies.

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Undefeated poker rival

The progress and capabilities of modern computer technology open up new horizons for professional programmers. Many years ago, software developers first proposed to world chess champions to fight in an equal battle with a computer on a chessboard. The success of the digital chess player was obvious. The Deep Blue program ultimately lost the match

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